15x15cm Stickers 9pcs Bundle

7,56 €

(0,84 € per sticker)

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The bundle contains:

9pcs. 15x15cm custom stickers

Upload your sticker image down below and chose your design options (border, background, material).

You can upload any type of raster image (jpg, png, tiff, etc.) or vector image (svg, ai, cdr, pdf, etc.).
For vector images you can create the cutline youself, if you choose to do so.

More info down below.

Product customization

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We offer 3 types of materials:

  • white matte or glossy: it looks good with white or colored borders or even cut right on the image countour.
  • transparent matte: is a little special in that it will not contain any background. If you apply it on a white surface or any other bright colored one, its margins almost can not be observed. You need to be careful in composing the colors and background. A bright blue sticker on a yellow surface will look green!



All our products are printed at high resolution (1440 dpi) starting from 8 basic colors, double the standard. Thus, we can reproduce up to 94% of the colors in the PANTONE catalog. We use original ecosolvent inks, which means that stickers will have a vague specific smell when you receive them. This smell will disappear within a few days after being exposed to air.

For 15x15cm stickers, we recommend that the image is at least 1500x1500 pixels. Obviously, higher resolutions or vector format are preferred.

Stickers are printed on PVC material ~90 microns thick, easy to apply, allowing them to be repositioned and reapplied initially.

For most images, matte material offers the best results and it`s also the material we like to use the most.

We frame the picture sent in 15x15cm, if the image is narrow enough, we will fit more copies in the printing space, thus resulting in more stickers for the same price. Check the "Tattooz" image above (2 stickers fitting in a 15x15cm space).

The durability of stickers varies depending on the surface on which they are applied. On flat surfaces where there is no direct contact, such as door, wall, etc. in direct sunlight it lasts for 1+ years, on surfaces like floor, smartphone, etc. where there is frequent contact, it lasts 2+ weeks.

Stickers are not laminated in order to keep the colors more accurate.

Sticker colors differ from the colors of the image displayed on your monitor as long as it is not specially calibrated. Don`t worry, the printer is calibrated and faithfully reproduces the colors in the file you sent.

Before the stickers are executed, we will send you by email, for approval, a sketch with the final product. The production will begin only after we recive your confirmation.

If you are the the designer of this image, we invite you to collaborate with us. For details see Designer info.